Fun Under Water is dedicated to celebrating the fantastic experiences we have all had both above and below the surface on our trips to Hedonism II. HedoDiver is sponsored by Tom's Trips but welcomes submissions from any Hedonism II guests. We welcome your photos (ID required for any nude photos) FAQ's or additions/corrections to the information presented here.

Our staff spends 16 weeks a year at Hedonism II and many of us are avid divers who enjoy the beautiful dive sites, thoughtful and friendly staff, and uninhibited environment of Hedonism in Negril, Jamaica.

The dive excursions at Hedonism II are a part of your vacation package and include shallow (30-45 foot) and deep (60-100 foot) dive locations. The reefs are alive with beautiful coral, sponges and vibrant fans. The sea live includes turtles, parrot fish, drummers, king fish, octopus, sergeant majors, spotted rays, moray eels, snappers, crabs, lobsters, Boc, barracuda and rarely some small nurse sharks.

We have had some incredibly dolphin encounters both on the boat and in the water at Hedonism including a dive in 2009 when a dolphin swam with us for about 10 minutes at 30 ft. (Read Full Article…)

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