Info is dedicated to celebrating the fantastic experiences we have all had both above and below the surface on our trips to Hedonism II. HedoDiver is sponsored by Tom's Trips but welcomes submissions from any Hedonism II guests. We welcome your photos (ID required for any nude photos) FAQ's or additions/corrections to the information presented here.

Our staff spends 16 weeks a year at Hedonism II and many of us are avid divers who enjoy the beautiful dive sites, thoughtful and friendly staff, and uninhibited environment of Hedonism II.

The dive excursions at Hedonism II are a part of your vacation package and include shallow (30-45 foot) and deep (60-100 foot) dive locations. The reefs are alive with beautiful coral, sponges and vibrant fans. The sea live includes turtles, parrot fish, drummers, king fish, octopus, sergeant majors, spotted rays, moray eels, snappers, crabs, lobsters, Boc, barracuda and rarely some small nurse sharks.

We have had some incredibly dolphin encounters both on the boat and in the water at Hedonism including a dive in 2009 when a dolphin swam with us for about 10 minutes at 30 ft.

When you dive at Hedonism II safety is the number one priority. If it has been awhile since your last dive the dive team will arrange for a refresher course for you. Hedonism II requires advanced certification or higher in order to participate in dives in excess of 50 feet.

One of the advantages of diving on the one of the Tom's Trips sponsored events is that we are allowed to pre-register for our dives, which is really important because the dives typically fill up quickly.

Unless we are organizing a special event there are two dives each day, one shallow (30-60 feet) and one deep (60-90 feet). The deep dive is early in the morning (at least early for Hedo) 9:00 AM and is typically about 20-25 minutes. The shallow dive leaves at 11:00 AM and lasts 30-40 minutes. Each of the dives include some very nice locations with the shallower dives generally offering a little more in the way of sea life.

Once you are signed up for your dive be sure to show up 15 minutes early to pick up any gear (mask, snorkel, fins) from the dive shack and get boarded on the boat. You don't need to bring any equipment with you to dive at Hedo but many of us bring at least our own masks and maybe fins.

After you are aboard the boat it is usually a short 10-15 minute bat ride to one of the many dive sites near the resort. Once you get to the site you can expect a briefing on the site, hand signals and buddy system. You will be responsible for assembling your own gear and checking everything out with your buddy before splashing.

Entry into the water is a backward roll and the group will assemble on the surface and descend together. All of the dives at Hedonism II are drift dives and end with a 3 minute safety stop before ascending and rebounding the dive boat via a ladder on the back of the boat.

Remember - Take Only Pictures and Leave Only Bubbles

Also Remember - Always Dive Sober and Drug Free

Fun Above Water

Fun Below Water