For certified divers one dive a day is included in the cost of your stay. If you aren’t certified you can take the resorts Discover Scuba course and participate in the shallow dives during your stay.


All of the equipment needed for your dives is provided by the resort including: BCD, Tank, Weight Belt, Weights, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge.


Hedonism II is a PADI facility but as long as you bring your C-Card with you and sign the medical form and liability waiver you are all set. Jamaica is the land of NO PROBLEM unless you forget your C-Card, then you will find yourself with a problem. The resort will help you get a faxed copy from PADI but be prepared because it will arrive on “Jamaican time” – 1-3 days.


No certification, NO PROBLEM. The resort offers several certifications including the Discover Scuba or resort certification that allows you to dive during your visit. The also offer an Open Water Certification (most common recreational dive certification ), Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master. Each of the certifications include a cost, each of which are a great deal relative to the costs of the same certifications back home.

Water Temp

Water Temperatures range between 84F and 88F and you really don’t need more than a skin in the summer or a 2mm suit in winter months to be very comfortable. As you can see in our pictures we often dive with much less.


The visibility is amazing, it regularly exceeds 100 feet and even after a bad storm is still often in excess of 60 feet.

Dive Sites

There are a variety of dive sites within minutes of the resort and include some small caverns, walls, a sunken tugboat, and a small aircraft, and that is a favorite for pictures.


There are many creatures in the Caribbean that can have a negative impact on your vacation. It is with this in mind that you should always remember not to harass the wild life. Fire Coral exists in the waters and should be avoided. Several varieties of jelly fish are present at different times of the year and should be avoided. We have also encountered barracudas or nurse sharks on a small percentage of our dive and you guessed it, they should be avoided.

Diving Au-Natural

Nude diving is allowed at Hedo II and we have had some very “exciting” nude dives over the years. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when diving nude: The aforementioned creatures; The guests from other resorts (including kids). It is best to make sure the dive master knows if this is your plan so that he can plan the dive with that in mind.

Night Dives

Night dives and private dives are available at an additional cost.


Safety is a priority at Hedonism II. Safety starts by diving within your skills and the staff will watch you closely to ensure you are properly trained to perform the dive you are signed up for. The dive boat is equipped a radio and a DAN emergency kit.

Dive Boat

The dive boat is a cigarette-style speedboat that has been modified to hold tanks along benches that span the port and starboard of the boat.

Medical Conditions

If you have any medical conditions you will need to bring a doctor’s note with you or the staff will not allow you to dive for liability reasons.

Fun Above Water

Fun Below Water